Hi, I am Tejas Shah

I am a Game Designer/Programmer with experience developing core gameplay systems.

Currently, I am a Technical Game Designer at Sony Playstation in the San Diego Studio. NDAs restrict me from revealing any of my work on my portfolio.

Contact Me at: tejas4197 [at] hotmail dot com



Game Dev – 

MLB The Show– AAA credited game. Technical Game Designer with focus on Progression Systems, Game UX and scripting.

Resilience – A serious game about Refugees and Refugee Camps

Little Guy Games – First step into the game dev world and my work with a cool telescope design puzzle

Class Projects – Class Games including a Serious Game built using a Kinect Sensor to help Cerebral Palsy Patients.

Family based NPC Grouping – A dev blog of a quick prototype I made for class in Unity3D for mimicking parent-child family behavior

Miscellaneous Projects-

MVP Interactive – Interaction Design with Sports Based Marketing Company

Dancing Drones It really is what it sounds like 


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