MVP Interactive

MVP Interactive is a marketing based experiential design firm where we developed custom, interactive experiences for large brands like Arrow and T-Mobile. Our biggest clientele were from American sports teams and to name a few- the Washington Redskins(NFL), Colorado Rockies(MLB), Washington Nationals(MLB) and the LA Clippers(NBA).

Green Screen Photobooth – Indianapolis Colts.

Technical Areas Explored:

Scripting – C# with XML based  backend

Timeframe – 6 weeks

Game Engine – Unity

  • Unity Canvas based UI layouts
  • Unity Webcam component
  • Unity Video Player component

Chroma Key Asset Store

Pipelines worked in

  • Prototyping (1 weeks)
  • Development (3 weeks)
  • Testing (1 week)
  • Post deployment support for client change requests

My work at MVP Interactive as a co-op student was involved in making a green screen based photobooth.

The Indianapolis colts wanted a custom photobooth with a greenscreen which replaced the chroma key background with an image of the stadium on the background. This was one of the applications MVP developed for them to increase their social media engagement and following.


The biggest challenge was understanding how green screen shaders work and getting our own custom photo-booth up to the point where it matched the current industry standards, and at the same time offered a unique sense of branding and customization.

I started with prototyping and from the first day, I realized how much of a task managing Green Screens can be. Their need for consistent lighting meant that we that to increase the sensitivity received from the green channels in our shader and tackle feathering issues which we would get for edges of the users’ faces. Since lighting changes throughout the day, I chose to implement a settings screen with which my hardware engineer, could remote into the desktop and tweak the settings to always get the right amount of sensitivity.

This project involved complications at every stage – scaling the UI and follwing the client’s requests are just a few of them.

Rockies Baseball Game

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