MLB The Show 21 – Technical Game Designer

I am a Technical Game Designer for MLB The Show franchise.

For MLB The Show 21, I was extensively involved as a Feature Owner in the design process for multiple aspects of the Diamond Dynasty game mode.

Major Areas of Involvement

  • Design
    • Gameplay XP Progression System
    • Post-Game System
    • Uniform Screens UX
  • Scripting
    • Internal Tool updates
    • Tutorial updates for MLBTS ’21

Post-Game Screen

MLB The Show[MLBTS] ’20 did not have a defined flow after the end of a play session and before going back to the game hub.

For MLBTS 21, I set out to explore possible ways to design an interface that was consistent across all the 4+ game modes that the game has to offer.

Teams Interacted With – Design, UI, QA, Engineering

NOTE – this ties in closely with XP progression and I cannot reveal any designs on that since it is at the core of all our mechanics.

Final Implementation

Uniforms Screen

The Design team wanted to use official MLB uniforms as part of the redesign so I created mockups that allowed a user to-

  • Browse Uniforms
  • Preview Uniforms
  • See Home/Away kits

I was also the designer behind the re-design of the MLB The Show 21’s progression system. It was an extensive task that involved multiple teams. I cannot share all the details since they are integral to the game.

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