Resilience, Senior Project



Winner, Best Student Game, Games 4 Change 2020


Game Trailer- 


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My work was majorly being involved in designing the AI behavior and working on multiple gameplay systems across the entire game.

We are making a serious video game, a game that hopes to educate its audience and advocate for change, about the refugee crisis and the role that our politics plays in it. In our game, you play as a refugee camp manager for an intergalactic aid organization, trying to build up and maintain a refugee camp on a remote moon of a solar system plagued by disaster. Using city builder mechanics, you place buildings to provide food, water, shelter, sanitation and medical services to your refugees, while to negotiate with foreign federations and empires from other star systems for the funding and resettlement quotas that you need to keep supporting your people. We chose a science fiction setting with the hopes of being able to generalize our game to many different types of refugees facing many different types of crisis, without stereotyping or misrepresenting the reality of real refugee’s situations. We hope that this game will help our players feel compassion towards displaced people seeking a home, and help them understand the importance of supporting refugee aid organizations.


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Recently, the UNHCR also recognized our efforts which definitely made the whole experience worthwhile. 




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